Horch Ehden Nature Reserve

Horch Ehden is a mythical place whose landscapes are a true emblem of the Lebanese forest heritage. It is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Lebanon where the environment and biodiversity are at the heart of all action. A place located 3.5 km north of Ehden, a beautiful village known for its souk and its square, vestiges of the Middle Ages.

Built on a backdrop of snow in winter or bright sunshine in summer, the Horch Ehden nature reserve is dominated by a forest massif whose wealth exceeds all expectations. This exceptional place is worth a visit all year round, whatever the season. It is also this mythical forest that inspired Jabbour Douaihy, the Lebanese writer who won the Saint-Exupéry prize in 2000 for his illustrated book entitled "The Soul of the Horch Ehden Forest".

Perched in the mountains, 30 km east of Tripoli, the Horch Ehden nature reserve has majestic cherry trees. Trees that offer generous fleshy fruits to walkers from the first meters of the trail. The ascent can be quite long up to the "hairy" oak tree that marks the entrance to the reserve. On the path, the sun is strong, but the air remains light, giving rhythm to all hikers.

In concrete terms, the Horch Ehden forest is a unique collection of conifers, evergreen and deciduous trees. It is ideally located in a remote phyto-climatic region with a very varied topography.

The Horch Ehden Nature Reserve is home to exceptional biodiversity, representing 3 of Lebanon's 9 biogeographical zones. It is a site of national importance where some 1058 plant species including 39 trees (pine, fir, cedar...) are planted. The reserve also has 26 species of mammals (mice, foxes, wolfhounds, squirrels...), 300 species of mushrooms, 23 species of amphibians (snakes, snakes...) and 156 species of birds (eagles, falcons, pelicans...) of which 57 are rare.

The diversity of flora and fauna in the Horch Ehden nature reserve is remarkable. They contrast cheerfully with the colours of nature, offering idyllic landscapes to visitors. A true tourist attraction, this place is full of activities to be enjoyed all year round: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, birdwatching, van tours, stargazing, archery, snowshoe hiking, guided tours and other awareness-raising activities for the whole family.

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