Lebanon's leading ski resorts

Lebanon is a country with a landscape particularly favourable to sports activities such as skiing. In this country where snowy mountains rub shoulders with the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, many snow sports enthusiasts come here every year. Lebanon is also one of the only places in the Middle East where one can practice skiing freely. With its numerous ski resorts, the Cedar country has something to delight all ski lovers of all levels.

Let's start with Faraya Mzaar, the most famous ski resort in Lebanon, if not the Middle East. It is less than an hour from Beirut, at an altitude of 1,800m, on the heights of Kesrouan. Faraya Mzaar is also the best equipped and trendiest resort in the country. It has many chic restaurants, 5-star hotels as well as Night Clubs to get all these young people moving. At first sight, Faraya Mzaar looks like a mini Courchevel surrounded by luxury chalets. Its particularity? It offers a ski area of more than 80 km, with 42 slopes and more than 20 ski lifts. You will find a good quality of powder and a landscape opening directly on the Mediterranean.

Then there is the Cedars station, located about 130 km from Beirut. It is the oldest ski resort in Lebanon and also the most mythical. The path leading to this resort passes through the holy valley of Qadisha and Bcharré, the birthplace of the poet Khalil Gibran. The Cedars of God Forest, one of the last remnants of the ancient cedar forest of Lebanon, is located right at the foot of the slopes, offering an idyllic landscape to skiers. The trail is open but you can also reach the highest peak in Lebanon by chairlift.

Another popular ski resort in Lebanon is the Faqra Club. Located between 1,735 and 1,975 m altitude at the foot of Mount Sanine, this resort offers a dozen slopes for all levels. It was designed in 1974 with the help of Swiss architects. It is also one of the first private ski resorts in the world. Only members of the Faqra Club and their guests can access this resort. This resort is particularly popular because from the top of the slopes, there is a breathtaking view of the Beirut Sea.

For a family ski holiday, prefer the Laklouk resort. This Lebanese resort, located about 60 km from Beirut, is perfect for a small budget as the access is particularly affordable. On the same road, you can also see the monastery of Saint Charbel.

To test the good quality of the Lebanese snow, opt for the Qanat Bakiche resort. Located one hour from Beirut, this resort faces the Sannine mountains. It welcomes skiers of all levels. Many ski enthusiasts choose to stop at Qanat Bakiche before visiting the village of Baskinta which is famous for its ski resort. This old village is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon and also one of the best preserved, as it has kept most of its original architecture and green spaces.

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If you're just passing through Lebanon, but want to go skiing, try Zaarour, the closest resort to Beirut. Located only 55 km from Beirut (about 30 minutes away), this resort is best known for its family-friendly activities. In addition to skiing, there are many other possibilities on the slopes of Zaarour, such as walking to the top of the slopes with a chairlift, snowboarding, snow tubing, sledging for children, etc.

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