Heading for Tyre, the ancient great Phoenician city


July 26, 2019

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The ruins of Tyre

Situated in southern Phoenicia, Tyre, the ancient great Phoenician city, mistress of the seas and founder of prosperous trading posts such as Cadiz and Carthage, today has a historical role with important archaeological remains dating back to Roman times.

A true legendary tourist destination, Tyre is worth a visit on a historic trip to Lebanon.

Located in the south of Lebanon, Tyre is one of the oldest cities in the country.

Its historical heritage precedes it and continues to impress visitors who come here especially to marvel at archaeological remains such as the Roman baths, the racecourse and the arch.

Tyre inherits a heritage of inestimable value, most of whose remains are inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Tyre's rich history is a real treasure to be exploited. But the uniqueness of this city is not limited to the Byzantines, Ottomans and Crusaders. Tyre is also a modern city where seaside resorts and tourist sites intermingle to entertain and relax visitors.

Like Saida, Tyre is a seaside town with its beach and small port. Among the tourist sites to be absolutely visited are the archaeological sites of Al Medina and AI Bass. A little further north, the old multicoloured port of Tyre also offers a breathtaking view of the entire coastline.

In the Hara district, north-west of Tyre, near the port, a veritable labyrinth of narrow streets invites you to an atypical discovery of colourful family houses, glued together. And finally, the beach of Tyre, located at the southern end of the city, is also an ideal place to swim during the day or for an evening stroll along the Corniche.

And as such, we've prepared you a little post on one of the most "hipster" beaches in Tyr, called Cloud 59!

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