Visit to Deir El Qamar, also known as "The Convent of the Moon."


07 August 2019

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Deir el Qamar, or one of the most beautiful Lebanese villages

Today I wanted to take you to Dayr al Qamar. It is an absolutely wonderful, not to say idyllic, mountainous place, where a beneficent and intoxicating atmosphere reigns...

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Heading south, following the coastal road to Damour from Beirut, then branching off towards the mountains, you reach Dayr el-Qamar, literally "The Convent of the Moon".

This magnificent little village, situated at an altitude of 850 m, is bordered, on the right, by the beaches of Damour and on the left, by the majestic Chouf Mountains, where nature reserves and the Chouf Cedars are enthroned.

The Chouf mountains, fiercely protected by the inhabitants of Deir el Qamar, are exceptionally green. They abound with streams and rivers majestically bordered by olive trees, apple trees and grape and vine crops.

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Deir el-Qamar is characterized by its beautiful stone houses and red tile roofs that face the Beiteddine Palace, which I reported on in this article.

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Dream house

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Dar El Qamar - 🇱🇧 - 2019

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Some of the houses date from the beginning of the 20th century, and are still in very good condition. Not to mention the gardens and vegetation, simply magnificent.

The village has ten churches, seven of which are Maronite, one Orthodox and two Greek. The only mosque there dates from the 15th century, while there is also an impressive synagogue that has been closed for several years.

Chosen as the capital at the beginning of the 17th century by the powerful Fakhreddine, Deir el Qamar has long seduced for its multiple water points and the beauty of its natural environment. The city now houses one of the best vestiges of the provincial architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Nicknamed the "City of the Emirs", Dayr al Qamar is the witness of an important historical wealth, marked by the extraordinary "Palace of Moussa". Located one kilometre from the capital, this monument is one of the many historic buildings that surround the central square called "Midane" square, decorated with a fountain. In the surrounding area, the village is also full of extraordinary places to discover.

In the main square of Deir el Qamar you will find a few restaurants serving delicious Lebanese food.

There is also Bachir, the famous Lebanese glacier which made a huge buzz when it recently opened in Paris.

Finally, you will be able to stay in beautiful hotels. Examples here with Deir al Oumara or the Lebanese Host and Beyt El Jabal.

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In short, you will have understood it, if I have chosen Deir el Qamar in this guide, it is because it is a village and more generally a region that you must ABSOLUTELY visit during your stay in Lebanon...

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