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At Libshop, we have developed a travel guide to discover Lebanon. Good addresses, picturesque places, unmissable bars, and dream beaches, everything is there.

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On behalf of the entire LIBSHOP team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2021 🎄🥳 As it is a particularly delicate period for everyone, we wanted to comfort and please you, and offer you a 9€ discount on your next order with the coupon code 2021. Use the coupon [...]

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Let's take the same ones and start over! Here we go again for a second lockdown. And as usual, at Libshop, we remain mobilized to continue to deliver our original creations of Lebanese inspiration, directly to your home, or in click&collect for those of you who are lucky enough to be next to one of our shops.

The village of Maaloula

Do you know of any place on earth where they still speak Aramaic? In the village of Maaloula, this so-called Afro-Asian language is still spoken. It is also in Maaloula that one of the oldest churches in the world can be found. View this post on Instagram Somewhere I'd love to be right now: Saint Thecla #GreekOrthodox Monastery in [...]

The village of Saifi in Beirut

Are you familiar with Beirut's Arts District? A rather chic residential neighborhood located on the south-eastern outskirts of the city center, and which bears the pretty name of Saifi. Bordered on the south by Charles Debbas Street, on the north by Gouraud Street, on the west by Ariss & Kanaani Street and on the east by [...]

The Palm Islands Nature Reserve

Declared a nature reserve and protected since 1995, the Palm Islands, together with Sanani Island and Ramkine Island, are a real shelter for many endangered species. Located about 5.5 km northwest of the city of Tripoli, these islands are worth a visit during your next vacation in Lebanon. View this post on [...]

The Monastery of Saint Charbel

Christian or not, believer or not, the Monastery of Saint Charbel, officially called Saint Maron Annaya Monastery of the Lebanese Maronite Order, is a place that arouses the curiosity of all visitors from all over the world. This Monastery, which houses the tomb of Saint Charbel, a Lebanese monk whose miracles are still manifested throughout the world, is a place that arouses the curiosity of all visitors from all over the world.

Heading for the most beautiful beaches in North Beirut

Lebanese beaches are among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Proud of its Mediterranean climate, lulled by temperatures that often exceed 30°C, and its 200 km of coastline, Lebanon lends itself all year round to swimming and idleness. Between private and public beaches, Beirut is home to the best addresses in Lebanon.

The city of Zahle

Particularly appreciated by the Lebanese for its pleasant climate and traditional cuisine, Zahle is one of the largest cities in Lebanon, after Beirut, Tripoli and Jounieh. Known as the city of wine and poets, this city steeped in history is also a beautiful holiday destination. View this post on Instagram The red tiled roof [...]

Jabal Moussa Nature Reserve

Naturalist travelers, here is a beautiful place that you will love to visit on your next trip to Lebanon. Jabal Moussa, one of the three biosphere reserves in Lebanon, reserves you a beautiful day of discovery with family, friends or alone. Come and marvel at the heart of an exceptionally rich biodiversity made up of a wide range of species and [...]

Mseilha Castle

Want to make excursions without ruining yourself in Lebanon? Why not take the road north of Beirut, leading to Tripoli through the Nahr al-Jawz valley, to reach the Mseilha castle? Known at the time of the Crusaders as Puy du Connétable, or Passe-Saint-Guillaume, this building, created around 1624, was [...].

Chnaniir (Shnaneer) Nature Reserve

Open to the general public since July 23rd 2010, for the great pleasure of nature adventure lovers, the Shnaneer (Chnaniir) nature reserve is ideally located on a hill overlooking Jounieh Bay. Just for the breathtaking view and the diverse and multicoloured landscape, the site is really worth the detour. […]

The best monuments to visit in Hasbaya

Capital of a caza of the same name, Hasbaya (Hasbaïa in Arabic) is a small town in Lebanon located 58 km south-east of Beirut. This town, located at the foot of Mount Hermon, promises visitors a beautiful glimpse of the years that have passed. A place marked by a rich tapestry of art, heritage and culture.

Horch Ehden Nature Reserve

Horch Ehden is a mythical place whose landscapes are a true emblem of the Lebanese forest heritage. It is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Lebanon where the environment and biodiversity are at the heart of all action. A place located 3.5 km north of Ehden, a beautiful village known for its souk and its "souk".

Discovering Shawarma, a typical Lebanese dish

With chicken, lamb or beef, Shawarma is a sandwich served in a pita bread, a typical Lebanese dish but of Turkish origin that you will surely love. View this post on Instagram Shawarma for evening cravings !! . Tag your friends !!. Panner Shawarma or Kurkure Shawarka , What's your pick , [...]

Yammouneh Nature Reserve

The exceptional beauty of Lebanon's nature reserves is characteristic of the magnificent landscape that nature has given it. True natural sources of beauty, culture and tourism, most of Lebanon's nature reserves are preserved and maintained sites for the development of biodiversity. Situated at an altitude of 1375 m, the village of [...]

The Nabu Museum in Chekka

You have chosen Lebanon as the destination of your next vacation? Don't miss the road leading to the most beautiful museum on the Lebanese coast, the Nabu museum located in Chekka. A historical monument full of treasures to discover. View this post on Instagram We're enjoying a family day out with a [...]

On the road to Lebanon...on public transport

Lebanon is a country full of archaeological and historical sites to visit. Its lush green nature and diverse landscapes also offer many opportunities for visits and activities. But to discover the country in all its splendor, there is nothing like diving directly into the daily life of a Lebanese, to cross Lebanon by transport, to [...]

Lebanon's leading ski resorts

Lebanon is a country with a landscape particularly favourable to sports activities such as skiing. In this country where snowy mountains rub shoulders with the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, many snow sports enthusiasts come here every year. Lebanon is also one of the only places in the Middle East where you can practice snow sports.


Meghrak is a beautiful hidden place located in the city of Batroun. It is 200 years old and is a non-profit tourist place open to the general public for walks, picnics and camping under the stars. A place that is worth the detour during a stay in Lebanon for its straightforward environment.

Lebanon's seaside resorts

With its 250 km of coastline dotted with beautiful cities with eternal commercial traditions, Lebanon is home to the most beautiful seaside resorts in the world. Most of them are magnificent private beaches with trendy bars, swimming pools and restaurants where a bewitching musical atmosphere reigns throughout the year. Very popular tourist spots [...]

Deir el-Qalaa (Beit Mery)

A beautiful day dawns again under the Lebanese sun. The ideal opportunity to discover a new village marked by the history of Lebanon. Located in the mountains, Beit Mery is both a village and a summer resort. A tourist site that is worth the detour because it is home to one of the most beautiful [...]

Beaufort Castle

In the southern region of Lebanon, on the road to Nabatiyeh, about 7 km from the coast, lies Château Beaufort. This picturesque monument is usually visited after a compulsory visit to the city of Saida. It is close to the village of Arnoun, and stands on the top of a hill. A visit is a must. […]

Rabbit Island

A small paradisiacal spot located off the coast of Tripoli, Rabbit Island is really worth the detour for an unforgettable stay in Lebanon. Fold your luggage, we leave for Rabbit Island, a unique island in Lebanon, particularly appreciated in summer for its beautiful beaches with little traffic. View this post on Instagram بيناتنا في بحر [...]

The Darb Al-Jabal Al-Lubnani Tourist Trail

Want to live a unique travel experience in Lebanon? Try the Darb el-Jabal el-Loubnani circuit, a unique circuit that stretches over some 400 km of hiking, crossing 4 nature reserves and passing through 75 villages perched between 600 and 2,000 m above sea level. View this post on Instagram When you love where you live [...]

Discovering backgammon, a Lebanese tradition

Today, I invite you to discover Lebanon in both a playful and cultural aspect, through a game: Backgammon. View this post on Instagram Special gift from a very special one 💙#backgammon #backgammonlebanon #gift #home #josephtohmeandsons #artwood #love A post shared by Jamil Toueir 💙🏹 (@jamiltoueir) on Dec 21, 2018 at [...]

Mohammed Al Amin Mosque

Located at the intersection of Martyrs Square and Emir Bechir Street, the imposing Mohammed el-Amine Sunni Mosque cannot go unnoticed. This mosque, which adjoins the Saint George's Cathedral of the Maronites, is the largest in Lebanon, with its 9,700 square meters of built area, its 5 domes and its 4 minarets of [...]

3 must-see museums in Lebanon

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Lebanon, this small country of a few million inhabitants (5 million to be exact), is a country with a rich historical heritage. Castles, churches and museums are particularly appreciated by visitors, as they allow them to immerse themselves completely in the local culture. Here are three museums that are a must to visit during your stay.

Akkar, Lebanon's little-known village

Isolated and a little out of the way of "progress", the village of Akkar has, by chance, kept all its authenticity. The ideal place to discover to live closer to nature and ancient Lebanese traditions. View this post on Instagram The art of nature! 🌸 #akkarlebanon #liveloveakar #nature #hiking #volvertours #mystic #naturelovers #photography #travellebanon #voyageliban [...]

The wine of Beirut

Discovery of generations of winemakers, tasting of red, rosé, chocolate and white wines from Lebanon. I invite you today to discover the history and production of Lebanese wine. A stay in Lebanon is an opportunity to enjoy a varied selection of Lebanese wines, to visit the oldest and most popular vineyards in Lebanon and to discover the history of the wine industry.

The Beiteddine Festival, the place to be Lebanon

Are you planning to stay in Lebanon in July and August? Don't miss the Beit Ed Dine Festival, one of the most renowned cultural events in the Middle East. Every year, the Beiteddine Palace grounds host performances of opera, rock songs and jazz. But the Baalbeck Festival is the most famous and most popular in the Middle East.

Batroun, Lebanon's charming asset

Another Lebanese city that is really worth the detour! Known for its lemonades, Batroun is a perfect city for those who love walking. This small coastal town charms its visitors with its pretty little streets where antique houses, old churches, beautiful gardens and a whole panoply of archaeological remains are intermingled. View this [...]

Tripoli, the capital of Lebanese sweets

Known for its legendary hospitality, but also for its various historical monuments, Tripoli is the second largest city in Lebanon. Historic city most appreciated for its magnificent mosques, its superb castle and its madrasas dating back to the 11th century, Tripoli also has a very particular asset: its sweets. View this post on Instagram Credits: @bashar_al_dakkour_photography [...]

The village of Bcharré

A favorite destination of the Lebanese and a very large number of foreigners, the village of Bcharré is one of the most beautiful villages in Lebanon. In summer as in winter, this jewel hanging between heaven and earth overlooking the Holy Valley of Qannoubine, is an idyllic place of enchantment for its visitors who experience an incomparable serenity. […]

The "Souk El Akel" in Beirut

Lovers of food stalls galore, I invite you today to discover the "Souk el Akel" of Beirut, an event that is sure to please you (and your belly). Every Thursday, in downtown Beirut, you will meet renowned and amateur craftsmen and women who reveal their gourmet side through food stalls and food stalls that are open to the public.

Anfeh or the "Little Greece" of Lebanon

Lebanon has this interesting thing about it, it is a country that is both historical and legendary. It is home to magnificent monuments, churches and medieval museums. Its gastronomy is simply succulent and its beaches of exceptional beauty. Moreover, the country is full of unusual tourist sites such as Anfeh, the #littleGreece of the Lebanese. View this post on Instagram [...]

Saida, the mysterious city on the Lebanese south coast

Dominated by a Crusader citadel and open to its port, Saida (or Sidon) is one of the most prestigious cities on the south coast of Lebanon. A city steeped in history, with little-known origins, but which charms by its small streets and souks that have remained in their original state. Saida is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Lebanon.

Al Jammal, the sandy beach of Tyre

Today, I invite you to discover the "farniente" side of the city of Tyre. Better known for its (very appreciable) concentration of historical or archaeological monuments and sites, the city of Tyre is also famous for the various possibilities of escape it offers. Amongst others, its magnificent beaches with fine golden sand and a wide range of [...]

The city of Jounieh

Welcome to Jounieh, the quintessential Lebanese city: it concentrates sports activities, clubbing, picturesque landscapes, sea, mountains, and more... View this post on Instagram What would be the ideal way to end your #weekend???🙄🙄🤣 Make it memorable😉 +9613933359👊 A post shared by Paragliding Lebanon 03933359 (@paraglidingclubthermique) on Aug 3, 2019 at 10:44pm [...]

The village of Baakline

Looking for a perfect place for a hike in Lebanon? Head for the village of Baakline. Situated on a green hill overlooking Deir el-Qamar, Baakline is one of the most beautiful villages of the Chouf, known for its splendid forests and unspoiled nature. View this post on Instagram Paradise found 💦 #baakline (📸: @elietabchi ) [...]

The village of Eddé

Lebanon is a country particularly appreciated for its atypical villages. Today, I invite you to discover Edde, one of the rare villages on the Lebanese coast that has managed to keep the charm of an old village, despite the advance of technology and the intensive urbanization brought about by the presence of Byblos, right next door. The village of Edde holds [...]

The old town of Byblos

If you feel like visiting one of the oldest cities on earth, still inhabited today, start with the old town of Byblos. A truly ancient city, the city of Byblos in Lebanon has been inhabited by mankind for over 7000 years. And since then, its historic city, its commercial tradition, its [...]

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Clap Beirut - the contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant not to be missed

Today, I wanted to take you to a Japanese restaurant. But not just any restaurant. It's called Clap, in Beirut, and it's a crazy place. Shall we go there? Hey! This article is part of my guide to the BEST things to do in Lebanon, which you'll find a summary here! If you liked it, [...]

Libshop is committed to research in men's diseases with the Movember movement

Hey 😉 Just a little post to remind you that it's November, the month dedicated to research in men's diseases such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer but also the fight against suicide in men 😢 These scourges are still taboo, that the Movember movement is trying to [...]

Focus on mouhalabieh, the Lebanese flan scented with orange blossom

At Libshop, our flagship dessert is Libshop flan. This milk-based sweet flavoured with orange blossom is our version of the mouhalabieh, a Lebanese dessert of Persian origin that is extremely popular all over the world. Mouhalabieh, kesako? The mouhalabieh is a milk pudding made with rice, sugar, sugar, sugar and milk.

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You don't know Frozen Cherry? Let us show you this incredible place!

Hey! We hope you're doing well 🙂 Today, as part of our great guide "Le Liban by Libshop", we take you to the Frozen Cherry. It's a place where you can chill out quietly and overlooks a breathtaking view of the Zaarour mountains. Shall we go there? Let's do it! We [...]

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The Cedars of Chouf

Small villages with typical Lebanese architecture, many walking tours adapted to all levels, the largest protected area in Lebanon invites you to discover the cedar forest, preciously guarded in the Barouk nature reserve, at 1170 m altitude. A magical place that extends over an area of 500 km², sheltering more than 1,500 hectares.

The Monastery of St. Elisha (Quadisha Valley)

Head to the north of Lebanon, to discover the Qadicha Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, ideal for hiking in the middle of nature. Literally holy in Syriac, the Holy Qadicha Valley takes its name from the very large number of monasteries that it shelters, most of which date back to several centuries, [...].


Lovers of picturesque escapades, I invite you today to discover, for a short weekend or a simple day, a magnificent place. Taanayel, a typical village of the Bekaa, located only one hour and a half drive from the Lebanese capital. Depending on your wishes and the weather, we can choose to take the road to Taanayel, a typical village of the Bekaa, only one hour and a half drive from the Lebanese capital.

Afqa waterfall

Need to recharge your batteries in nature, at the edge of a spring water gushing out of the side of a mountain top? Head for the Afqa waterfall, one of the wildest rivers ever tamed by man. Located 80 km from Beirut, at an average altitude of 1,200 m, the Afqa waterfall is a place where you can enjoy the [...]

The Bekaa Valley

On vacation in Lebanon? Then it's time to organize a special day dedicated to an outing with friends or family to visit... the famous Bekaa Valley! View this post on Instagram Step outside and enjoy the sun ☀️ #LiveLoveBekaa by @hadilsader A post shared by Live Love Bekaa (@livelovebekaa) on [...]

Downtown Beirut

And what if we went to discover downtown Beirut, this historic district that experienced both the prosperous hours and the worst episodes of the Lebanese War? Between its many historical sites to visit, its gastronomy to taste and the magnificent landscapes of its coasts to discover, Lebanon conceals many [...]

The ruins of Baalbeck

At sunrise in Lebanon, the sky clears over all the sites surrounding the capital, Beirut. Eager to experience new adventures in the land of the Cedars, I strongly advise you to visit a site called Baalbek. Through the Mount Lebanon mountain range, in the heart of the city of Beirut, [...]

Jeita cave, a natural wonder to discover in Lebanon

Fancy a mythical discovery in Lebanon, mixing geological knowledge and eye candy? Visit the Jeita cave, a real Lebanese jewel that is the pride of the locals and a passion for tourists. Located 18 km north of Beirut, in the Nahr el-Kelb valley, the Jeita cave is home to marvelous natural sculptures. […]

The River of Abraham and its impressive waterfalls

Nahr Ibrahim or The River of Abraham, is also known as the River of Adonis. This valley with its varied landscapes charms locals and visitors alike, especially those who enjoy hiking in the middle of nature. From the breathtaking view from the top of the valley to the coolness of the river below, the breathtaking landscape is [...]

A walk in the heart of the Cedars of God Forest in North Lebanon

Visiting Lebanon without going to Bcharré to discover the famous Cedar Forest would be an insult to the heritage of the region. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cedars of God forest still contains some cedars, emblems of Lebanon. Walking among these natural monuments is an exceptional sensation. […]

The Rock (El Rawché) or the Pigeon Cave

Erected at an altitude of 46 m, The Rock (El Rawché in Arabic) is one of Beirut's main natural attractions. Formed of two limestone islands perfectly shaped by erosion, The Rock appears on most tourist photos of Beirut. From the ledge, the site offers a breathtaking view. The Pigeon Grotto [...]

The incredible story of Château de Moussa

You couldn't miss the pictures of this medieval castle located in Lebanon, between Deir el Qamar and Beiteddine. Towers, ramparts, moats... At first glance, it is a real construction dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe. In reality, it's a completely improbable imitation that was built in the 20th century under [...]


80 km of marked trails, culminating at an altitude of 1,850 to 2,465 metres, Faraya Mountain offers a breathtaking view. For a weekend visit or for a long stay on the heights of Mount Lebanon, Faraya is one of the best places to enjoy varied landscapes, rich in contrasts. Created in [...]

Deir el Qamar, or one of the most beautiful Lebanese villages

Today I wanted to take you to Dayr al Qamar. It's an absolutely wonderful, not to say idyllic, mountainous place, where a benevolent and intoxicating atmosphere reigns... This article is part of my guide "Le Liban by Libshop", which lists the best places to discover in Lebanon! Discover the summary here : LEBANON [...]

Rikky'z, the inratable restaurant of Mount Lebanon

Nestled on a hill overlooking the valley of Kfardebian and Faraya, at 1700 m above sea level, in the heart of the mountain, Rikky'z is one of the most famous bar-restaurants in Lebanon. This article is part of my guide "Le Liban by Libshop", which lists the best places to discover in Lebanon! Discover the summary here [...]

Dar Bistro & Books

Hey! I promised I'd find you some little pearls hidden in Lebanon. This one is one of them, and believe me, it's one of the secret places reserved for connoisseurs! This article is part of my guide "Le Liban by Libshop", which lists the best places to discover in Lebanon! Discover the contents of the guide [...]

For the new school year, we're preparing a revolutionary box for you.

Hey 👋 We hope you're having a great summer ⛱️ A little note to give you some news... While some of you are basking in the sun, we are working on a new revolutionary box for the new school year... For this, we have called upon a famous chef of Lebanese origin... This culinary consultant is a [...]

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Discovering JOSEPH, one of the best chawarmas in Beirut

Opened since 1972, the restaurant JOSEPH, located in Mar Elias - Sin El Fil street, in front of St Elias church, a few meters from the Saloumi roundabout, is known worldwide as one of the best Street Food spots in the country. As an expert and a chawarmas worshipper, I could not visit Lebanon without a visit to the chawarmas.

Edde Sands, for the pleasure of luxury and well-being

Located in Byblos (Jbeil), one of the largest private beaches in Lebanon, I named the Edde Sands & Wellness Resort. It is one of the obligatory seaside resorts in Lebanon, and I had to add it to my famous guide "Le Liban by Libshop", of which you will find the summary here: LEBANON: [...]

Cloud 59, Sour beach

With its 200 km of coastline and its generally sunny Mediterranean climate, Lebanon is a privileged destination for relaxation and swimming. Of its 80% of private beaches and its few public beaches, from north to south, the beach of Sour (Tyre in French) is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon.

The Corniche of Tyre

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Tyre is one of Lebanon's most popular seaside resorts. Many foreign visitors and tourists come to Tyre (or Sour in Arabic) to stay in an idyllic place, bordered by 7 kilometers of beach. This seaside resort, which is also very popular among the Lebanese, has a very pleasant atmosphere, with a [...]

The ruins of Tyre

Situated in southern Phoenicia, Tyre, the ancient great Phoenician city, mistress of the seas and founder of prosperous trading posts such as Cadiz and Carthage, today has a historical role with important archaeological remains dating back to Roman times. A true legendary tourist destination, Tyre is well worth a detour on a historic trip to Lebanon. Situated in the south of Lebanon, Tyre is one of the most important [...]

My visit to the breathtaking Beit Ed Dine Palace

Lovers of nature, mountains and the great outdoors, you are looking for an exceptional place that exudes calm and serenity. The picturesque village of Bet Ed Dine is made for you. Located at about 850 meters above sea level, on a hill facing Deir el-Qamar (another picturesque place located at the top of the hill), Bet Ed Dine is the perfect place for you.

Broumana, one of Lebanon's favourite villages

Situated at the top of a hill in the Metn, Broummana or Broumana or Broumena is a true traditional resort known throughout the Middle East region. The reputation of this village comes mainly from its hotels, its pleasant climate, its greenery and its summer nightlife. Situated only 20 minutes drive from Broumena, the village is a [...]

Our Lady of Lebanon

Located just 20 minutes north of Beirut, the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon offers a breathtaking view, day and night, of the Lebanese coast below. A true "national and religious" monument, this Maronite church is located in the small village of Harissa, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level, above the sea level.

Orient 499 in Beirut, the incredible concept store of high-end craftsmanship and design

Today, I have decided to take you to Orient499, a high-end brand founded in 2006 by Frank Luca and Aida Kawas. It's one of the nuggets not yet taken by storm in Beirut. You will find furniture, decorative objects, crafts and beautiful works of art, in a quiet and very pleasant place. […]

Lebanese tabbouleh, a concentrate of protective nutrients

Few people appreciate it for what it is. And yet Lebanese tabbouleh is a concentrate of protective nutrients: lemon, onions, parsley, tomatoes, crushed wheat, olive oil and spices. Stuffed with vitamin C, green tabbouleh is very rich in minerals, trace elements and iron. Antioxidant and useful in the prevention of diseases [...].

Plan Bey, art and culture by the Lebanese

Today, I wanted to tell you about an absolutely remarkable place that I had the opportunity to discover during my summer 2018 trip to Lebanon. It was Plan Bey, a space for creation, development, production, exhibition and retail, nestled in the now cult and lively Mar Mickael neighborhood, which has been depicted as a [...]

The Bohemian, the unmissable cocktail bar in Beirut

The capital of Lebanon is known for its vibrant nightlife. The large number of bars, clubs and pubs that can be discovered there, testifies to a very cheerful nightlife population. Hey, this article is part of our ultimate guide to the best things to do in Lebanon. To browse through it in its entirety and discover [...]

Mar Mikhael, the new Gemayzeh

Beirut and its lively neighbourhoods are no longer to be presented. Tourists, locals and expatriates alike now know all the best spots for day and night outings in the capital. Hey, this article is part of our ultimate guide to the best things to do in Lebanon. To browse it in its entirety and discover many more places to visit, check it out [...]

Hamra, the district of booksellers and loitering

Under Beirut's most beautiful sunset, the Hamra district shines with a thousand lights. Hey, this article is part of our ultimate guide to the best things to do in Lebanon. To browse it in its entirety and discover lots of other cool places, follow the link and keep it safe: LEBANON: Lebanon: the [...]

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The Oceana Beach Resort Suite: one of the most famous private beaches in Lebanon

In the jungle of Lebanese bling-bling and show-off beaches, Oceana is a forerunner. It is historically one of the first Lebanese beaches prized by sexy party girls and other beach-goers sculpted like Greek gods. It is indeed one of the pioneers of the genre to have imagined a private beach resort reserved for adults, with restaurants, alcohol, [...]

Focus on the Sursock Museum in Beirut, a must visit

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce you to the Sursock Museum in Beirut. This mansion built at the beginning of the 20th century in the prestigious Ashrafieh district is the museum of modern art in Beirut, Lebanon. To tell the truth, I didn't know this place at all before, and for good reason, it was [...]

Le Gouffre des Trois Ponts, a sublime waterfall from Tannourine to Balaa

The Three Bridges Abyss, or Abyss of Baatara, is an incredible waterfall of 250 meters deep and 260 meters wide, located not far from the village of Balaa, and dug by water for millions of years. I discovered this place during an eco-tourism expedition with the Vamos Todos club (which I recommend), [...].

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Hey, we hope the return of good weather has cheered you up. And just to make sure the sunshine has a date with Libshop, we thought with our friends at Just Eat, that a dish bought, a dish offered*, would be a good opportunity to celebrate the arrival of summer. To take advantage of it, go to the Libshop and [...]

Libshop returns BASTANI, healthy, low-fat, low-calorie and resolutely divine Iranian ice cream

What if I told you that we had found an ice cream with very little sugar, no eggs, no added fat, no artificial colouring or flavouring, and with a taste that is unique in the world?

Pink & Saffron ice cream from Maison Bastani now available at Libshop

Since June, you have had the opportunity to discover new refreshing products in the Libshop catalogue, for delivery, on-site and take-away. These are ice creams, but not just any ice creams. They are ice creams of a new kind...

Discover Gemmayzeh, the "soHo" of Beirut

Today, I wanted to introduce you to a nice, French-speaking and trendy area of Beirut that I particularly like. It is Gemmayzeh. Hey! this article is part of my guide of the BEST plans to make in Lebanon, which you will find the summary here! If you liked it, don't hesitate to leave me a small copy of the article.

TOP 20 of the best traditional, authentic and inspiring Lebanese dishes

If Lebanese street food is a sure value, whether in the evening or in a delivery in front of a good movie, the fact remains that from time to time, for occasions that are worth it, the desire for a traditional and ancestral dish is felt. That's why I've found my "traditional" food for you.

🌈 PROMO CODE - How about putting some colour in your dinner? 🌈

Because this abominable weather is taking its toll on all of us, we thought that a nice colorful promo code would give you a little bit of balm in your heart.

Everything, everything you'll know about hummus!

It travels the culinary world through preparations as diverse as they are succulent, it floods social networks with its exotic fragrance, it is on the lips of all the great chefs and the web even appropriates all its wonders.

All you need to know about the Mediterranean or Cretan diet: interest, weight loss, recipes and health benefits!

Eat without putting on weight! The dream of many. But it's often when it comes time to strive for a healthy lifestyle that most people struggle to achieve it. Is that true for you? The Mediterranean or Cretan diet may be the solution for you.

What's falafel? Calories, gluten, origins... You'll know everything!

One moment you hear about the Falafel. Your vegetarian friends who can't get enough of it, and the instagram foodies don't miss an opportunity to show off with these precious dumplings in hand.

Libshop, a healthy, festive and dietetic cuisine

At Libshop, we work every day to ensure that our dishes are healthy, dietetic and tasty. To achieve this, we rely on the fundamentals of the Lebanese cuisine and more generally on the Mediterranean diet, also known as the "Cretan diet", whose virtues are no longer to be proven.

Rue Saint-Denis in Paris, a mythical street steeped in history

Did you know that? Rue Saint-Denis is one of the oldest streets in Paris, and its current reputation is hardly in keeping with its long history. Indeed, few people know it, but rue Saint-Denis was once the queen of Paris, the regulator of its commerce, and the guide of its political opinions. […]