Batroun, Lebanon's charming asset

Another Lebanese city that is really worth the detour! Known for its lemonades, Batroun is a perfect city for those who love walking. This small coastal town charms its visitors with its pretty little streets where antique houses, old churches, beautiful gardens and a whole panoply of archaeological remains are intermingled.

Located 54 km north of Beirut, Batroun is an essential stop on a trip to Lebanon. For many people, the city is a real favourite and an invitation to travel. Served by a public transportation network (bus), it stands out for its rather industrial setting. A look that makes it even more charming for a city ideally located by the sea.

Batroun is one of the most interesting cities to visit on the Lebanese coast, along with Jounieh or Byblos. This small town draws its charm from the alleys of its old quarter where small shops and nice restaurants live side by side.

In Batroun, a visit to the Saint-Etienne cathedral (Mar Estephan) is a must. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, this superb hundred-year-old cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Lebanon. Built by an Italian architect, it was the symbol of the new inaction of the Maronites on this city of the Lebanese coast in the 19th century.

For shopping enthusiasts, the old souk of Batroun is a place not to be missed. Built in the 19th century and completely renovated in the early 2000s, the souk has lost none of its authenticity. In spite of the pubs that have ended up invading the shops, the souk of Batroun remains the place of reference to go to meet craftsmen butchers, grocers or fruit and vegetable sellers.

Batroun also has a very impressive cultural side. Witness Saydet al Bahr, a chapel built on the ruins of a Byzantine church. An archaeological vestige that deserves to be named Lady of the Sea chapel since it is ideally located by the sea. From this chapel you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ruins of the Phoenician ramparts.

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The charms of Batroun never cease to bewitch visitors. Makaad El Mir and the nearby alleyways are also very charming. Similarly, the El Bahsa beach, located right next to Makaad El Mir continues to welcome many subscribers every year.

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